H-earings for Haiti is the project of one woman who saw and felt the pain of extreme poverty in Haiti and took action to make a difference.

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Simple earrings made by hand and sold to raise money to support mission work among Haiti’s poor.  Each pair is unique and they sell for just $5.00 each.

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10 million people live in Haiti, and most struggle to provide for themselves and their families. Unemployment and malnutrition are common.

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The Mission of H-earings

Hi.  I’m Carol Clark, the creator of H-earings for Haiti.  The mission of my project is to raise public awareness of the ongoing devastating poverty affecting our closest southern neighbors in Haiti, and to raise money to support respected organizations providing assistance to better the lives of Haiti’s most vulnerable citizens.

Please take a little time to explore the pages I’ve created here.  I hope you find it informative and inspiring, and may your ears become a little more open to hear the cry of the poor.

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